Who am I?

I don’t know, it’s a question that hounded and followed me since I was 15 and only in recent years I have experienced it. Who am I? It was the pain, the frustration, the misery, the longing for the divine that pushed me to follow different personal growth paths encountering many masters in the world. 

Intense and deep inner journeys where light and darkness melt, here the question is lost when encountering the embodied experience. I’ve made peace with my personality, a sometimes challenging personality that today I live with love.

What do I love? I love being with and taking care of my horses, letting them take care of me, I love spending time and listening to my sons who are now independent. I like and love to live in solitude without the need to fill the time, I love to support those who are looking for themself. What am I looking for? Nothing, the pleasure of sharing the divine that lives within me.

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